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"Raining on the ABM Parade"

As featured in the previous post, last week Canada was honoured by the visit of Dr. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists, who spoke with members of Parliament about the dangers to space security posed by anti-satellite weapons. Dr. Wright is well-known as a co-author of the 2004 definitive technical analysis which showed that the anti-ballistic […]

Anti-Satellite Weapons, Space Debris, and Canada

Last week our campaign to promote space security received a boost from a visit to Ottawa by Cambridge-based Dr. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists. We invited Dr. Wright to come to Canada and to speak to Members of Parliament about the growing international danger posed to space security by anti-satellite weapons. Dr. Wright wrote […]

Afghanistan: What wasn't on the CBC (part 2)

A March 26 article in the British paper The Telegraph says that “flushing out the Taliban and holding the terrain in the Pushtun heartland is proving immeasurably difficult for NATO. In Kandahar, the Canadian army has had to scale back its ambitious plans… to drive into the militant heartland… it proved too dangerous to run supplies […]

Afghanistan: What you won't see on the CBC

In a posting to the Ploughshares peacelist yesterday I promised to comment on the recently-released report on the current state of Afghanistan by the Senlis Council, a prominent European think-tank. Since it runs to hundreds of pages and covers dozens of topics, where to start? On the CBC and other Canadian media, the first priority […]

Will the war in Afghanistan be an NDP issue in the next election?

Last Saturday morning I stopped by the Mariott hotel in downtown Ottawa where hundreds of NDP activists and future election candidates from across the country had gathered for an intensive election “bootcamp” called Breakthrough 2007. Many of the sessions were designed to help local, riding-level campaigns on everything from preparing election materials, doing media interviews, […]