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Canadian child in the dock at Guantanamo show trials

While mistreatment of Afghan detainees has made the news this week, a Toronto-born Canadian is about to be put on trial by a U.S. military kangaroo court at the notorious Guantanamo prison camp for “crimes” he committed as an “illegal combatant” between the ages of 10 and 15. More and more citizens of the world’s democracies are speaking out […]

Tories accuse constituents of believing "Taliban terrorists" over Harper government

In a letter to a supporter this week, Conservative Member of Parliament Dick Harris shot back from his Blackberry saying, “I am confused why you are taking as fact, the allegations coming from the Taliban terrorists themselves.” Here is his email: >From: “Harris, Richard – Personal” >To: <[Ceasefire supporter’s email address – Steve]> >CC: […]

Harpers' Week from hell

I’m not trying to fill this blog with material from the NDP, but I thought their compilation of the “week from Hell” for the Conservatives was too good to pass up. Steve From the NDP: Afghan detainees: Conservatives deliver chaos, confusion and contradiction “This is not foreign policy, this is chaos.” Jack Layton, NDP Leader […]

Time to show real leadership

As I hoped it would, my earlier post set the cat among the pigeons. Many who responded heaped scorn upon me and pointed out (quite correctly) that the Liberals began Canadian involvement in Afghanistan, and that the Liberal motion, calling for a delayed withdrawal but meanwhile supporting the military effort, was seriously flawed. Others pointed out (correctly) that the NDP has […]