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NDP tables its own Afghanistan motion

Confusion seems to be widespread amongst progressives today with the media reports saying that “The NDP voted with the Conservatives” to defeat the Liberal motion on Afghanistan.  This story is still unfolding – today the NDP put forward its own motion for debate on Thursday. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 25, 2007 THE WRONG MISSION IN […]

What was Stéphane Dion thinking?

All of the news media is reporting the result of last night’s vote on the Liberal motion on Afghanistan: It was defeated with 150 opposed and 134 in favour. What was Stéphane Dion thinking? The Liberal motion was uncritical of the military mission and supported its continuance unchanged, yet called for the government to notify […]

Strange Bedfellows

There’s an ancient Greek apothegm that says “the best is the enemy of the good”. This bit of classical wisdom was clearly displayed Tuesday when the NDP teamed up with the Conservatives to defeat a Liberal motion calling for the withdrawl of Canadian troops from Afghanistan by February 2009. While the NDP’s action may please its antiwar “base”, it […]

Afghan Prisoner Torture Scandal: War Crimes

The allegations are shocking: prisoners taken by our soldiers in Afghanistan are handed to local Afghan authorities and are subjected to a living hell of torture and abuse. Despite repeated assurances from our government that these prisoners would not be abused in Afghan prisons – we now know that Canada has been condemning these people […]

The defence lobby's counter-offensive

The right wing defence lobby launched a counter-offensive against our work to push for a parliamentary debate on the failing military mission in Afghanistan. From his office in the “Calgary School,” David Bercuson had a centre-spread op-ed in the Globe and Mail Friday, declaring that if the Liberals’ motion to tell NATO that Canadian troops will end combat in […]

Ceasefire Insider Top-10 in popularity on

This little blog has been ranked one of the most popular blogs by our provider, In addition to Ceasefire Insider, hosts 885,014 other blogs. According to the Growing Blogs list on April 10, 2007 Ceasefire Insider ranked as the 9th fastest growing blog in popularity on Steve