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What is the cost of the war in Afghanistan?

What is the cost of the war in Afghanistan? $100 million every month. October 24, 2007 Dear Friend, The war in Afghanistan has cost Canada dearly in lives and money. The deaths of 71 soldiers and a diplomat are, sadly, well known. The financial costs are less well known. On Monday a report which Bill Robinson […]

Throne Speech Threatens to Extend the War

Send your letter to Stephen Harper, Opposition Party leaders, and your local MP October 17, 2007 Dear friend, Yesterday’s Throne Speech poses a direct challenge to you and me, and everyone who wants to end Canada’s war in Afghanistan. Stephen Harper’s plan to continue Canada’s combat role has become crystal clear. He is trying to […]

Michael Byers brings attention to Canada’s leadership potential on the global stage

Professor Byers’ infectiously optimistic book presents a positive, compelling case for Canada’s importance on the global stage and its potential for doing so much more October 12, 2007 Dear friend, Dr. Michael Byers has just released a great new book titled Intent for a Nation: What Is Canada For? , that I highly recommend to […]

Marc Garneau Calls for Peaceful Uses of Space

Hi folks, We had a very good day with Marc Garneau today on Parliament Hill. CTV carried our press conference live nationally today. Watch it on this page. Also the Globe and Mail’s live on-line discussion went very well and remains on the website. And be sure to read Dr. Garneau’s op-ed in the Ottawa […]