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Update: Canada edges toward deadly nuclear embrace

November 22, 2007 Dear friend, Canada’s voting record at the UN on crucial anti-nuclear weapons resolutions indicates an alarming shift away from Canada’s traditional role as a supporter of disarmament. Yesterday, the Toronto Star published the article below written by Anthony Salloum, program director of the Rideau Institute (’s parent). Anthony outlines what happened at the […]

Remembrance Day 2007

A reflection on Remembrance Day by Anthony Salloum of the Rideau Institute… Today at 11:00 am, Canadians, young and old, will take a moment to pause and remember those who gave their lives serving their country. Canada has evolved into a mature democracy peacefully, but countless Canadians have sacrificed their lives in two world wars, […]

And how the "peace lobby" responds

In the last post I told you about Jack Granatstein’s defence lobby think tank sending around a poison-pen article about a report written by Bill Robinson and me for the CCPA on Canada’s military spending. Granatstin’s article elicited a flood of letters in response after it was published in the Edmonton Journal. The paper devoted space to five letters […]

How the defence lobby operates

Even wonder how the defence lobby is able to get so many articles in the newspapers? Well let me show you… Here is a copy of an email sent out to newspapers, journalists, and others from a conservative, pro-military think tank run out of the University of Calgary called the Canadian Council for Security in […]