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Please Help Stop the Sell-off of the CANADARM and RADARSAT-2 to a U.S. Space Weapons Corporation

[youtube=] UPDATE: Last week the government listened to Canadians like you and took the first step to block the Canadarm and Radarsat-2 sell-off. That’s why I need your help – to keep ATK out of Canada, and to keep control of our world class space program.Should Canada’s environmental satellite be used for space weapons?   Make your […]

Stop the sale of CANADARM and RADARSAT-2

March 7, 2008 Dear Supporter, You might have heard or read this week that the iconic Canadian-built Canadarm and RADARSAT-2 satellite may be sold off to the American arms builder Alliant Techsystems. On Wednesday I appeared before the Commons Committee on Industry and warned the MPs that this would be a disaster for Canadian […]