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Grannies Tackle Conference of Defence Associations' Media Award

The last thing anyone wants to happen to themselves is to become the focus of a demonstration by the indomitable Raging Grannies. On Friday, November 15, the Ottawa Raging Grannies took to the streets at an Ottawa gala event to raise awareness about the links between the military-funded group, the Conference of Defence Associations, and the media. […]

Interview with Vue Weekly (Edmonton)

Canada After Bush: What is at stake? Out of the Bush league: What will Obama mean for Canada? Scott Harris / January 20, 2009 will mark the end of the presidency of George W Bush, as Barack Obama is officially sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. The shift from the […]

Rideau Institute on Obama Victory in U.S. Election

(Ottawa) “The Rideau Institute joins Canadians in recognizing the historic nature of last night’s election, and congratulates President-elect Barack Obama. Throughout this race, Sen. Obama set a tone that holds the promise of easing global tensions and possibly solving some of the conflicts initiated by outgoing President George W. Bush,” said Steven Staples, President of […]