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DND financing books praising Afghan war

The military is actually financing, and in some cases approving, books covering the Afghan war. As David Pugliese points out in this review, a new book titled “Kandahar Tour: The Turning Point in Canada’s Afghan Mission” by academics from my own Alma Mater, the University of New Brunswick, paints an unwarranted optimistic view of the war – […]

Harper Government sending blinding laser weapons to Afghanistan

Despite receiving hundreds of letters from supporters urging tests for these weapons, the Harper Government is pressing ahead with deploying blinding laser weapons to Afghanistan.  – Steve Canadian Forces buy laser ‘dazzlers’ for Afghanistan David Pugliese Ottawa Citizen Thursday, December 18, 2008 The Canadian military will purchase 500 laser dazzlers for troops in Afghanistan as […]

Canada Needs a Progressive Coalition Government

There are critical issues that need to be addressed: the war on terrorism including Afghanistan, climate change, free trade, nuclear weapons, and of course, the economy and our livelihoods. If you support a progressive coalition government in Ottawa, then please send your letter to NDP leader Jack Layton and Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.