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Mixed Reactions to Proposed Taliban Negotiations

President Barack Obama’s efforts to reach out to the Taliban in Afghanistan has been met with mixed reviews. Some have expressed hope and optimism that both sides to the conflict are willing to engage in talks. Others remain skeptical, arguing that it demonstrates weakness of the U.S. military and its inability to defeat the Taliban. […]

Foreign Aid a Deadly Business?

    Last year, 122 aid workers were killed, while 138 were kidnapped or injured while on duty, marking the highest toll on record and making 2008 the deadliest year ever for aid workers. In a recent study conducted by the Center on International Cooperation (CIC), “Providing Aid in Insecure Environments“, the authors note that attacks on aid […]

General uses media to lobby for CF-18 fighter-bombers

Serving military personnel are not supposed to be advocating for government policies, but now it seems that generals are using the media to put pressure on political leaders once again. Is this part of General Hillier’s legacy? The military has launched its own lobby campaign to convince the Canadian government to increase our combat role in […]

Political and military leaders respond to Obama's anti-nuclear speech

On April 20th, 2008 President Obama delivered a speech in which he put forth a plan to phase out all nuclear weapons worldwide.  Political and military leaders from China, India, Pakistan, and Britain have since expressed strong support towards Obama’s anti-nuclear speech and have advanced a common message: all nuclear powers should commit to multi-lateral negotiation […]

Survey Tells Us Your Afghanistan Agenda

Nearly 2000 supporters participated in our “Your Afghanistan Agenda” survey and the results are clear: you want to focus our efforts on ending Canada’s war in Afghanistan.   We hear you, and in the next few weeks we will be launching a new campaign to focus renewed public attention on the war. We’ll […]