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Harper’s Secret War Plans

Dear supporters, Evidence is mounting that the Harper government is quietly preparing for a major escalation of our combat role in Afghanistan, and this includes hundreds more troops and the possible deployment of Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers. We must act quickly. We are launching a major campaign to prevent this military build-up in Afghanistan, […]

Afghan Reconciliation to be a Priority?

In a recent article appearing in the Ottawa Citizen, Brian Hutchinson outlines comments made by the Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, regarding Canada’s role in the country post-2011. Ambassador Ron Hoffmann indicated reconciliation between Taliban insurgents and an elected Afghan government will be a priority for Canadians, even without a military presence in the country. Canadian […]

Controversial CANSEC arms show opens at Lansdowne Park

The controversial international CANSEC arms show hosted by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Studies (CADSI) is being held at Lansdowne Park in the city of Ottawa May 27-28. The shows opening Wednesday morning was met by protests and demostrations from numerous peace and religious groups, including 75 community groups that form the Coalition […]

Darth Vader's Afghanistan

    Darth Vader’s Afghanistan Peter Goodspeed National Post May 19, 2009 He has been described as the Darth Vader of the War on Terror, a commander of elite special forces troops who has constantly fought in the shadows as head of one of the U.S. Army’s most secretive commands. Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal, a […]

Expect pressure from U.S. for more Afghan combat

Canada to face renewed call for Afghan military effort By Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service May 24, 2009 Canada and its allies are expected to face renewed pressure by the Obama administration, keen to show progress in Afghanistan, to maintain or add additional troops to the NATO-led military mission, Canwest News Service has learned. (more…)