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Investigate the conflict in Sri Lanka

The protests by supporters of the Tamil Tigers in major cities across Canada have sparked a debate about the Tamil’s cause and tactics. But given what is being reported, it is difficult to assess either sides’ statements about the conflict. (more…)

Ottawa Book Launch for 'Afghanistan and Canada'

On Friday, May 29th, from 1:00 – 2:30 at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Book Fair, editors Steven Staples and Lucia Kowaluk will be launching their newest book, Afghanistan and Canada: Is There an Alternative to the War? In the last seven years, thousands of troops and billions of dollars in foreign […]

A gendered approach to peace

Cynthia Cockburn, a feminist researcher and writer on peace and conflict, once wrote that “violence-free homes make violence-free communities and violence-free communities make a violence-free world.” This same sentiment is expressed in the article “Mother’s Day is Peace Day” written by Tamara Lorincz and Theresa Dunn. The authors call on Mothers to play an important […]

The War on Women

In Paul Weinberg’s recent article “War on Women- Canada’s Kabul allies condone rape while our troops die trying to stop women-hating Taliban,” a grim picture is painted regarding the challenges that lie ahead for NATO. In light of the recent legislation condoning marital rape in Sharia law, Weinberg comments on the “motivational confusion” and “rational […]

Poll Finds Canadians Want Out

A newly released poll by The Canadian Press and Harris-Decima shows nearly 90 per cent of Canadians want troops out of Afghanistan by the mission’s scheduled end date of 2011, or earlier. 46 per cent of respondents indicated the Canadian Forces should remain in Afghanistan only until the scheduled end date of 2011, while an […]