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Afghanistan Postcard Campaign Moves into High Gear

This week we moved our campaign to Stop Stephen Harper’s Secret War Plans into high gear. We have launched our Afghanistan postcard campaign, and already the demand from supporters has far exceeded our supply of 5,000 postcards. In July we invited supporters to help with the campaign to end Canada’s war in Afghanistan […]

Do they really need reminding?

CBC news reports that  a recent NATO air strike killed at least 4 civilians in a small village north of Kandahar. While Canadian troops were not directly involved in the incident, the news speaks to a larger debate on the increasingly blurry line between civilian and combatant. (more…)

Canada and the Nuclear Abolition Moment

On Sunday, July 26, Steven Staples of the Rideau Institute gave a presentation to the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa on the nuclear disarmament movement.  Below is the text of his presentation, entitled “The Renaissance of the Nuclear Abolition Movement.”   Normally I come to deliver bad news – another potential war to avert, a […]

NATO boss says Afghan strategy was flawed

In a June interview with the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer stated that making individual NATO members responsible for specific provinces is a flawed strategy because it has failed to stimulate international military and civil cooperation. According to De Hoop Scheffer “All countries like to think they are the […]

Will Canada Join the Drone War in Pakistan?

Speculation as to what Canada’s role in Afghanistan will be beyond 2001 has been stirred up amid recent reports that Obama Democrats are quietly lobbying the Tory government to keep troops in Kandahar province after 2011. Steven Staples says that Although the role of Canadian ground troops in Afghanistan may diminish, the Canadian Air Force […]

Obama Opposes Additional Funding for F-22s

President Obama made the rare move of threatening to veto one of his own bills after senators made a last minute addition to his defence spending bill to include $1.75 billion to buy seven more F-22 Raptor Fighters. The F-22 Raptor is one of the most advanced stealth fighters in the American arsenal, and is […]