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Abuses perpetrated against children on Canadian military bases in Afghanistan

Young boys have been the targets of sexual abuse by Afghan soldiers living on Canadian bases in Afghanistan for years now, and the Canadian military has turned a blind eye to it. There are no indications that Canadian soldiers have been directly involved, but it appears that knowledge of the abuse is commonplace. This abuse sometimes takes place in […]

Bombing the moon?

While the title may seem alarming and somewhat dramatic, sadly it isn’t far from the truth. NASA’s mission to “bomb the moon” began in June. According to Scientific American, “the attack on the moon is not a declaration of war or act of wonton vandalism. Space scientists want to see if any water ice or vapour is […]

MacKay Denies Knowing of Afghan Torture Reports

Defence Minister Peter MacKay claims that he was never informed that the detainees Canadian forces were handing over to Afghan authorities faced the possibility of being tortured. This statement follows the public release of an affidavit given to the Military Police Compaints Commission (MPCC) last Wednesday, where former senior diplomat Richard Colvin says that he […]

Eight years in: rethinking Canada's strategy in Afghanistan

On October 6, 2009, TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin had a panel discussion entitled ‘Eight Years in Afghanistan’ with Steve Staples of, retired Cpl. Alain Pellerin of the Conference of Defence Associations, Graeme Smith of the Globe and Mail, Mark Serda of the Centre for International Governance Innovation and Mercedes Stephenson of Mercedes […]