Archive | December, 2009

PM prorogues Parliament

Prime Minister Stephen Harper went ahead with his much-anticipated plan to prorogue Parliament on Wednesday, shutting down the operations of the House of Commons and Senate until March 3rd. The prorogation will have the effect of preventing parliamentary discussion of the detainee torture scandal for another two months, at which point a new federal budget […]

Moens warns of "existentialist" threat

Simon Fraser University professor Alexander Moens warns in a new paper published by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute that Canada and its NATO allies face an “existentialist threat”. But, no, the problem apparently is not that Jean-Paul Sartre or one of the other existentialists has risen from the grave. What Moens is actually […]

Military spending "cuts" underway?

David Pugliese reports that “the Canadian military is looking for savings of more than $190 million by March to help pay for the Harper government’s defence strategy.” The Army is reportedly looking at an $80-million cutback, while the Navy is facing a $52-million cut and the Air Force is facing a $59-million cut. These “cuts” […]

Treatment of prisoners not Roman problem: Pilate

Perhaps inspired by the Christmas season, Prime Minister Harper has reached back into biblical history for a new answer to the torture allegations dogging his government. Channelling the infamous Roman governor of Judea, the Prime Minister argued earlier this week that if Canadians hand detainees over to Afghan authorities and those detainees are subsequently mistreated, […]

Decal offer from Bill and Rhyl Stollery

Dear supporters, You might be interested in this offer from Bill and Rhyl Stollery in Edmonton. Magnetic decals 3 1/2 ” x 8″ to display on rear of vehicles $2.00 each or 10 for $15.00, plus mailing To order and receive details to promote campaign: e-mail or Order cheaper in larger quantities […]