Archive | December, 2009

Failed Russian missile test lights up Norway

A failed Russian missile test lit up the sky over northern Norway early Wednesday morning. The third stage of a Bulava missile, Russia’s latest generation of submarine-launched ballistic missile, malfunctioned during the test flight, causing the missile to spin out of control and creating a huge, pinwheel-like light show for the bewildered witnesses on the […]

Federal environment spending dwarfed by rising defence budget

A new report shows that Canada’s rising National Defence spending is $21.185 billion in 2009-2010, making Canada’s rank 13th highest in the world, and 6th highest among NATO’s 28 members, dollar for dollar. Defence analyst and author Bill Robinson says the rise in defence spending is an indication of the government’s priorities. “Government spending on […]

Natynczyk reversal adds to pressure for torture inquiry

Chief of Defence Staff General Walter Natynczyk dropped a bombshell in Ottawa on Wednesday, admitting that a prisoner taken by Canadian soldiers in 2006 had in fact been in Canadian custody prior to his transfer to and subsequent severe beating by Afghan authorities.  Earlier this week, Natynczyk had testified to parliament’s National Defence committee that […]

CIA to expand "secret" drone attacks in Pakistan

The New York Times reported last week that the CIA has been given the green light to expand its “secret” drone attacks against Al Qaeda and Taliban targets in Pakistan. Under the program, Hellfire missiles are fired at targets in Pakistan from Predator drones flown remotely by CIA operators in the United States. The program, […]

Call for ICC investigation of Canadian military and diplomats

UBC Professor Michael Byers and human rights expert Professor William A. Schabas of the National University of Ireland have called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to expand its preliminary examination of alleged war crimes by Canadian officials in and related to Afghanistan. In a letter  written to ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo on 3 December, […]