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U.S. moves in Eastern Europe complicate START talks

The Obama administration is planning to station American Patriot surface-to-air missiles in Poland within 60 kilometres of the Russian border, sparking expressions of concern from Russia. The Russians perceive the plan to station the missiles and accompanying troops in Poland as part of a larger build-up of American military infrastructure in Eastern Europe that threatens […]

Mental health and the military

What has killed the most U.S. military personnel during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Surprisingly, the answer is suicide. That disturbing statistic could also be true for Canadian soldiers participating in the Afghanistan war, but we just don’t know. Testifying to a forum on the problems faced by Canadian veterans that was organized by Liberal […]

London Conference "welcomes" negotiations with Taliban

On January 28th, the London Conference convened to discuss the future of Afghanistan. The two main initiatives discussed by the more than 60 foreign ministers in attendance were a proposal for the gradual transfer of security responsibility to Afghanistan and, more controversially, an Afghan government plan to open negotiations with “moderate” elements of the Taliban. […]

Support treaty banning nuclear weapons: Experts

Prime Minister Harper should actively support new calls for a global treaty to ban all nuclear weapons, experts said today. “The Canadian government needs to step up its efforts to stop the dangerous spread of nuclear weapons” said former Senator Douglas Roche following a two-day conference in Ottawa attended by academics, civil society leaders and […]

NATO to seek negotiated end to Afghan war?

The NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan “is considering a plan to end the war by entering power-sharing negotiations with Taliban leaders and former fighters,” the Globe and Mail reports (Doug Saunders, NATO weighs Taliban truce in plans for Afghan peace, 25 January 2010). The paper says that “the scenario of a negotiated peace and a joint […]

Canadian Auto Workers staff support

The Canadian Auto Workers’ staff has made a $15,000 donation to the Rideau Institute’s Ceasefire program. The CAW and the Rideau Institute “have worked together on important issues and expect to do so in the future,” said Annie Labaj, the Director of the CAW’s International Department, in her letter announcing the donation. She also praised […]