Archive | March, 2010

Loon watch: Gaffney on Obama, Islam, and missile defence

Frank Gaffney, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan Administration and President of the Center for Security Policy, comments on the “new” logo of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency: The Obama administration’s determined effort to reduce America’s missile defense capabilities initially seemed to be just standard Leftist […]

Prof. Walter Dorn on CPAC

In February, launched its campaign to make Canada a UN peacekeeper again. To kick off the campaign, we co-hosted Prof. Walter Dorn in conversation with the Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway in Ottawa.  CPAC – PUBLIC RECORD On February 11th, in Ottawa, Walter Dorn (Canadian Forces College) and The Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway […]

Struggle continues over Nuclear Posture Review

The Obama administration continues to struggle to complete its review of U.S. nuclear weapons policy. The Nuclear Posture Review was originally scheduled for completion in December 2009, but disagreements within the administration between hardliners in the Pentagon and National Security Council and supporters of greater nuclear reductions, thought to include the President, have delayed completion […]