Archive | April, 2010

Byers: Time to resolve Arctic disputes

Earlier this week, Russia and Norway resolved a 40-year dispute over their boundary in the Barents Sea. Canada should follow this positive Russian-Norwegian precedent, says UBC professor Michael Byers, stop its military posturing, and work to resolve the remaining disputes over Canada’s Arctic boundaries (Michael Byers, “It’s time to resolve our Arctic differences,” Globe and […]

U.S. resists Euro-nuke removal

The United States is reportedly resisting the efforts of several European members of NATO to remove U.S. tactical nuclear weapons from Europe. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told NATO foreign ministers meeting in Estonia last week that the Obama administration is not opposed to cuts in the weapons, but that such cuts should be […]

Support for Afghan mission drops

Support for the mission in Afghanistan has fallen markedly among Canadians, a new Angus Reid poll shows. According to the polling firm, 39 percent of Canadians currently support the Afghanistan mission, while 56 percent oppose it. In February, the same question showed 47 percent support and 49 percent opposition. (A recent EKOS poll showed somewhat […]

505 Order of Canada members call for treaty banning nukes

In an unprecedented development, more than 500 recipients of the prestigious Order of Canada have come together to call on governments around the world, including Canada, to bring about the elimination of nuclear weapons. “This is the first time that so many recipients of the Order of Canada have signed a common declaration,” said Murray […]

Loon watch: Logo madness meets nuclear summit

Fresh from revealing the secret Islamic threat encoded within the logo of the Missile Defense Agency, the right-wing loon crowd has now decided that the logo of the Nuclear Security Summit (shown above) is also sending secret Islamic messages — although Frank Gaffney appears to have stayed out of the conspiracy-mongering this time. How long […]