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DND computers used to remove criticism of F-35s from Wikipedia

The Department of National Defence has confirmed that its computers were used to alter the Wikipedia entry regarding the F-35 fighter and the Conservative government’s decision to purchase 65 of them. Reportedly, the edits included “the removal of information critical of the government’s plan to buy the jets and the addition of insulting comments aimed […]

Tory government misplaces Canadian Arctic

In an effort to bolster its claims that Canada needs the F-35 to defend Canadian sovereignty in the North, the Conservative Party is pointing to the recent intercept of two Russian Bear aircraft “over the Arctic” by Canadian CF-18s as evidence of the need for new fighters, claiming that the intercept puts Liberal leader Michael […]

Hawks versus doves

Last weekend’s National Post published a letter from Senator Pamela D. Wallin questioning the independence and expertise of three critics of the Department of National Defence’s purchase of F-35 fighter jets on the basis that all of them have ties to the Rideau Institute. Dismissing the Rideau Institute as an organization that “routinely criticizes Canada’s military spending”, […]

Report suggests changes to rules of engagement could cause increased insurgent attacks

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds “strong evidence” that “local exposure to ISAF generated civilian casualties drives increased insurgent violence over the long-run.” (Luke N. Condra, Joseph H. Felter, Radha K. Iyengar & Jacob N. Shapiro, The Effect of Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, NBER Working Paper No. 16152, […]

New nuclear treaty faces opposition in U.S. Senate

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent nuclear reductions treaty with Russia is facing opposition from Republican Senators.  The New START treaty, which replaces a Cold War era counterpart treaty, must receive the assent of the U.S. Senate (and, in Russia, the Russian Duma) before it can be ratified and enter into force. But Republicans in the […]

Book review: Afghanistan and Canada

Columbia Journal reviews Afghanistan and Canada, edited by Steven Staples and Lucia Kowaluk (Tom Sandborn, “Review: Afghanistan and Canada,” Columbia Journal, July 2010): This collection of essays on Canada’s misbegotten “mission” in the blood soaked mountains and plains of Afghanistan is, although subject to the inevitable unevenness of tone and effectiveness that go with a […]