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Canadian troops destroyed villages to save them?

A New York Times report (Carlotta Gall, “In Afghan South, U.S. Faces Frustrated Residents,” 16 October 2010) on the frustration and disillusion expressed by Afghan civilians in the region around Kandahar cites Canadian actions as one of the sources of complaints: Three years ago, Canadian troops built a temporary post near Lora. When they immediately […]

Taliban and Afghan government begin informal talks

Several sources have confirmed over the past week that informal peace talks have begun between Taliban leaders and Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government. NATO has been facilitating the meetings by providing Taliban leaders with safe passage to Kabul to meet with high-level members of the Karzai government.  The Taliban continues to reject negotiation in its […]

Little oversight for security contracts: U.S. Senate report

According to the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, the Pentagon has little oversight over contracted security deals in Afghanistan and, as a result, local security deals between Western companies, American military commanders, and Afghan warlords with close connections to the Taliban are being made (James Risen, “Afghans Linked to the Taliban Guard U.S. Bases,” New York […]