Archive | December, 2010

U.S. ratifies New START treaty

The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to accept the New START strategic nuclear disarmament treaty between Russia and the United States (Peter Baker, “Senate Passes Arms Control Treaty With Russia, 71-26,” New York Times, 22 December 2010). U.S. ratification of the treaty, signed by presidents Obama and Medvedev on April 8th, clears the path to […]

Canada's dwindling peacekeepers

The Toronto Star reports on Canada’s dwindling contribution to U.N. peacekeeping (Brett Popplewell, “Last of a dying breed: The Canadian peacekeeper,” Toronto Star, 11 December 2010): The Canadian mission in Sudan began in 2005, at the close of a 22-year civil war that saw a rebel movement in the south of the country fight with […]

Canadians split on Afghan extension

Canadians are split on the Harper government’s plan to extend Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan reports an Angus Reid Poll released on Monday (Jill Mahoney, “Canadians divided on Afghan training mission: poll,” Globe and Mail, 13 December 2010). According to the poll, 48% of Canadians support the extension of the mission, while 44% oppose the […]

Pugliese on the F-35 fighter

Recent coverage by reporter David Pugliese on the F-35 and Canada: “Can the F-35 win a charm offensive?” Ottawa Citizen, 13 December 2010 “Peter Mackay in F-35 Attack Mode,” Ottawa Citizen, 13 December 2010 “Selling Canada on the need for fighters,” Ottawa Citizen, 12 December 2010 “The untold story of Canada’s JSF deal,” Ottawa Citizen, […]

Ottawa off course on jets

Tamara Lorincz and Steven Staples comment on the government’s plan to purchase F-35 stealth fighters (Tamara Lorincz & Steven Staples, “Ottawa off course on jets,” Chronicle-Herald, 11 December 2010): Representatives from the Department of National Defence were in Halifax recently to promote the controversial purchase of stealth fighter jets. Unfortunately, they did not give a […]