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Gates channels Vizzini

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has warned against getting involved in future land wars in Asia (Thom Shanker, “Gates Warns Against Any More Wars Like Iraq or Afghanistan,” New York Times, 25 February 2011): Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates bluntly told an audience of West Point cadets on Friday that it would be unwise […]

Robert Green op-ed in Embassy Magazine

Retired Royal Navy Commander Robert Green explains his views on nuclear deterrence in an article in the February 23rd, 2011 issue of Embassy Magazine (reprinted in full at Defence Watch): Nuclear deterrence has not prevented non-nuclear states from attacking allies of nuclear weapon states. Examples include China entering the Korean War when the US had […]

UN peacekeeping missions face shortfalls

The United Nations continues to set new records for the size and complexity of UN peacekeeping operations. But the missions are facing critical shortfalls in key equipment such as helicopters, the UN reports (“UN peacekeeping missions face shortfall of over a third in vital military helicopters,” UN News Service, 22 February 2001): “It remains the […]

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Nonviolence guru cited in Mideast revolutions

Credit for the “people power” revolutions that have swept longstanding despots out of power in the Middle East and now threaten many similar regimes goes first and foremost to the courageous people in those countries who have taken it upon themselves, often at great personal risk, to demand the right to rule their own lives. […]