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Withdrawal issues: NATO countries on the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe

According to “Withdrawal issues: What NATO countries say about the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe,” a recently released report by peace advocacy group IKV Pax Christi, there is sufficient political will within NATO to end the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) in Europe. The report found that 14 NATO members, half […]

Let’s Make the Stealth Fighters an Election Issue

Yes, I can donate $25 to stop the stealth fighters Dear peace supporter, It’s been a pitched media battle with Harper’s Conservatives and his corporate defence lobby since I last wrote you. And as you will read below, it’s about billions of dollars in military sales, deceit, corporate and government collusion, and an orchestrated campaign […]

Canadian general to lead Libya mission

Canadian Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard has been tapped to lead the no-fly and arms-embargo elements of the Libya intervention now that NATO has agreed to run those operations (Daniel Leblanc, “Canadian general to take command of NATO mission in Libya,” Globe and Mail, 25 March 2011). However, the Alliance has not yet formally agreed to run […]

Now not a good time to purchase F-35s: poll

According to the latest CTV/Globe/Nanos Poll, when asked about the Harper government’s plan to purchase F-35 jet fighters, 68% of Canadians believe that now is not the right time to purchase the aircraft. Canadians identified healthcare as their number one unprompted issue of concern.  29% of respondents named it their top priority, next to 18% […]

Military budget growth set to continue

The new federal budget, presented on Tuesday by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, confirms last year’s pledge of somewhat delayed, but continued, growth in Canada’s military spending. The chart above, drawn from last year’s budget documents, depicts the continued upward path of Canadian military spending as projected by the government. It is worth noting that the […]

Stop arms shipments to Saudi Arabia: Rideau Institute

The Rideau Institute is calling on the Canadian government to prevent further shipments to Saudi Arabia of military vehicles made in Canada, and to institute an embargo on the export of all military goods to the region during the current political turmoil. On March 14, troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates entered […]