Archive | June, 2011

"Crown jewel" of Canadian peacekeeping closing NS offices

The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre (PPC) has announced that it is shutting down its operations in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia (David Pugliese, “Cash-strapped peacekeeping centre closing Nova Scotia office,” Ottawa Citizen, 10 June 2011). The organization is attempting to cut costs after having been advised in 2009 that its annual $4 million funding from the federal government […]

Layton, Harris criticize timing of document dump

Opposition leader Jack Layton has accused the Harper government of taking a “very cynical” approach in its release of documents on the Afghan detainee file. The release of 4000 pages worth of documents came just as MPs are gearing down for summer recess. “[The Government] chose a date that will prevent parliamentarians from asking questions […]

Challenging Canada's involvement in Libya: News coverage on cost estimates and questions for Parliament

As the House of Commons debated extending Canada’s military presence in Libya this week, the Rideau Institute garnered media attention by calling for clarity in the purpose and methods of the mission, and by providing an alternative estimate of the cost of the war that suggests the Conservative government may be low-balling its eventual cost. […]