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Granatstein: Don't kill DND grants to academia

Well-known Canadian military historian, commentator, and fan of the Rideau Institute (OK, we made that last bit up) Jack Granatstein is taking issue with the Harper government’s plan to cut Department of National Defence funding for the Security and Defence Forum (SDF), a program that supports academics working in the field of defence and security […]

Australia's F-35 order 'up in the air'

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith has warned Parliament that repeated cost increases and delays in the F-35 programme were falling out of line with limits set by the government and military planners (Australia to decide on F-35 fighter purchase in 2012: Govt, Reuters, 17 August 2011). Smith said that the government would not allow “a […]

Peacekeeping contribution remains dismal

Canada was once the largest single contributor to UN peacekeeping operations. Today, according to Canadians for Peacekeeping‘s third annual factsheet on Canada and UN peacekeeping, we rank 53rd among contributing countries. The ranking represents a slight drop in Canada’s position compared to late last year, when we were as high as 49th. Our position is […]