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Success of Afghanistan kill/capture raids exaggerated?

A recent report argues that the success of the NATO-led International Stability Assistance Force’s (ISAF) targeted night raids (or kill/capture raids), which have been a major tactic of ISAF’s in recent years, may have been played up so as to make the Afghan mission appear more successful.  The report, written by Alex Strick van Linschoten […]

Dud subs to be mothballed?

According to CBC News (Greg Weston “Canada may buy nuclear submarines,” CBC News, 27 October 2011), “high-ranking sources” within the Harper government say the government is “actively considering cutting its losses” on Canada’s problem-plagued Victoria-class subs “and mothballing some if not all of them.” Mothballing — actually eliminating — the subs would be a sensible, […]

F-35 may be incapable of communicating in the Arctic

According to a recent Globe and Mail article (Murray Brewster, “New stealth fighters lack ability to communicate from Canada’s north,” Globe and Mail, 23 October 2011), briefings given to the Air Force’s top general indicate that early models of the F-35 Lightning II may be unable to communicate while operating in Canada’s North.  Lockheed Martin, […]

Gadhafi killed in Sirte; UN Human Rights Council investigation "likely"

The U.N. Human Right Council is “likely” to investigate the death of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who was killed by Libyan National Transitional Council fighters on October 20th.  While the circumstances around the former dictator’s death are still being verified, what is known is that Gadhafi was attempting to escape Sirte in a large […]