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Aviation Week: Are there alternatives to F-35?

Further to this post, doubts about the future of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have now grown to the point where even aviation industry insiders like Aviation Week are asking whether there are alternatives to the troubled aircraft (David A. Fulghum & Bill Sweetman, Are There Alternatives To The F-35 Program? Aviation Week, 29 November […] fights back on Sun TV

I was reminded of my commitment to you, in that controversial fundraising letter, that I would confront Stephen Harper and his pro-war lobbyists “at every turn.” So that’s what I did. I appeared on Sun TV Monday night in a 9-minute defence of myself and our community.

ICC may examine NATO's role in Libya

Ottawa may be celebrating victory in Libya, but NATO and its members could yet face the scrutiny of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over their actions during the conflict, the Associated Press reported earlier this month (Slobodan Lekic and Mike Corder, “AP Exclusive: NATO may face possible ICC probe,” Associated Press, 11 November 2011). The […]

Staples: Canada overspending on defence

In a recent op-ed article in Embassy magazine, Steven Staples, president of the Rideau Institute, argues that Canada’s military spending needs to be curbed: In 2010-11, Department of National Defence spending is estimated to reach $22.2 billion, its highest level since Canada was in Europe fighting Hitler. That level is 12 per cent higher than […]