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Maritime helicopter procurement flounders

A day late and a dollar short? You wish.

Before the F-35 fiasco, there was the Maritime Helicopter Program, another disastrous, wasteful military procurement program. Whatever happened to that program? As David Pugliese reported earlier this month (“Sikorsky hasn’t paid $8M fine for late helicopter delivery,” Ottawa Citizen, 3 January 2012), we’re still waiting to get something out of it: The original plan called […]

New U.S. defence strategy to impact Canada?


Earlier this month, President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a new U.S. defense strategy, shaped in large part by projected Pentagon budget cuts. According to the New York Times (Elisabeth Bumiller & Thom Shanker, “Obama Puts His Stamp on Strategy for a Leaner Military,” New York Times, 5 January 2012), the new […]

Peacekeeping: Lessons unlearned from Rwanda?


Earlier this month, civil conflict in South Sudan between the Murle and Nuer tribes resulted in the deaths of hundreds or possibly thousands of Murle people. A UN source said the number might be as high as 1,000, while a local Murle official estimated the number of deaths to be as high as 3,000 (Jeffrey […]

U.S. Marines video: How not to win hearts and minds


The actions of four U.S. Marines caught on video laughing and urinating on Afghan bodies have been condemned by the United States, NATO, and the government of Afghanistan. Globe and Mail correspondent Paul Koring examines the potential consequences of the scandal (“Obama’s ‘hearts and minds’ effort hurt by surfacing of ‘deplorable’ video,” Globe and Mail, […]