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Is the covert war with Iran becoming overt?

HMCS Charlottetown

Earlier this week, another Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in a bomb attack (Ali Akbar Dareini, “Bombs kill another nuclear scientist in Iran,” Globe and Mail, 11 January 2012): Two assailants on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the car of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, killing him and […]

Five minutes to midnight


It is estimated that the United States will spend $700 billion or more over the next decade on nuclear weapons and related programs. Russia continues to modernize its own nuclear arsenal, China, India, Israel, and Pakistan are expanding theirs, and Iran may be on the verge of joining the nuclear club. There is little prospect […]

Saunders: Why was Canada in Kandahar?

Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders examines how the Canadian Forces ended up at war in Kandahar (“Canada picked its Kandahar moment,” Globe and Mail, 7 January 2012): What on earth were we doing in Kandahar? Now that it’s all over, that question hangs in the air…. How did we pour five years, more than […]