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Military budget growth set to continue

The new federal budget, presented on Tuesday by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, confirms last year’s pledge of somewhat delayed, but continued, growth in Canada’s military spending. The chart above, drawn from last year’s budget documents, depicts the continued upward path of Canadian military spending as projected by the government. It is worth noting that the […]

Military budget facing more “adjustments”

David Pugliese reports (Canadian military seeking another $233 million in savings, Vancouver Sun, 19 January 2010) that the Department of National Defence is facing another $233 million in budget “adjustments” by the end of March.  However, like the $190 million in “adjustments” reported earlier, the money DND plans to save will not be removed from […]

Military spending and the federal budget

The 2015 Federal budget will be released tomorrow.

With the 2015-2016 Federal Budget slated for release on 21 April 2015, have a look at the CCPA’s Alternative Federal Budget 2015: Delivering the Good. Our focus is on the Defence chapter (authored by the Rideau Institute).

Alternative Federal Budget calls for reductions to military spending


The Harper government released the Federal Budget today. This “do-nothing” budget won’t make life better for Canadians. But what would it look like if things were different? The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released its annual “Alternative Federal Budget” (AFB) last week, which if enacted, would lift 855,000 Canadians out of poverty, reduce income inequality, […]

The 2007 budget and military spending

Not many surprises in the budget today for military spending. While Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did not announce any new spending increases, the budget did include a shifting of $175 million from 2009-10 to be spent much sooner this year (2007-08). Here is what the today’s budget said about defence: Implementing the Canada First Defence Plan […]