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The Politicization of Humanitarian Aid

One of the most worrying aspects of the current mission in Afghanistan is the increasingly muddied role of humanitarian aid. Traditionally the stated goal of humanitarian NGOs was to remain neutral in conflict zones. The hope in doing this was to allow aid to remain at arm’s length from becoming politicized, ensuring its delivery was […]

Defence spending touted as "bringing great benefits" in midst of Recession

Speaking this past month at CANSEC, Canada’s largest annual defence trade show, Minister of Defence Peter MacKay reassured his audience that despite the country’s current economic situation defence contracts are secure. In a recent article about the trade show by Mike Blanchfield of the Canwest News Service MacKay is quoted as saying “The funding will be there, […]

An Additional Billion for Afghanistan

Federal budget documents reveal over $1.1 billion of new funding is needed by the Canadian Armed Forces, in order to fulfill conditions placed on the Afghan mission extension. With Parliament’s extension of the current mission contingent on the implementation of recommendations from the 2008 Manley commission report, an extra $822 million will be needed for […]

A Peace Plank for Ignatieff

In her recent Toronto Star article, Linda McQuaig offers Ignatieff some advice on how to stand apart from the Conservatives: “champion the revival of Canada’s role as a leading peacekeeper in the world.” This would contrast the Conservative plan “Canada First Defence Strategy” that will involve spending $490 billion on Canada’s military over the next 20 years. […]

Air Force playing political games with spending

Steve Staples contributed to this article from the front page of the Ottawa Citizen. Check out David Pugliese’s blog. Air force threatens to ground Snowbirds Brass accused of playing ‘game of chicken’ with government over proposed funding cuts By David Pugliese, The Ottawa Citizen May 2, 2009 The air force is warning it won’t have […]

Steven Staples addresses the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee on Canada-US relations

On March 11, 2009 Steven Staples of and the Rideau Institute appeared before the Standing Committe of Foreign Affairs and International Development on the topic of Canada-US relations.  He advocated for the enhancement of space security and supported nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.  View the transcript of the debate or read his remarks below: Members of the Committee, Ladies and Gentleman: […]