Want your photo on Ceasefire.ca?

Hi there –

Did you know that many organizatons use “stock” photos of people – or even sometimes their employees? We want to show photos of REAL Ceasefire.ca people.

We are updating the Ceasefire.ca website – especially the donation and sign-up areas – and we’d like to create a montage of photos that shows the diversity of people who support Ceasefire.ca’s peace work.

If you would like to submit your photo – please drop me a line here or email me the photo at stevenstaples@ceasefire.ca.

By sending a photo – you’d be agreeing to allow us to use it on the website and emails as we needed, and also on some printed materials related to fundraising and outreach (e.g. our thank you note card). Sorry – no royalites! šŸ˜‰

Hope to hear from you soon.


Steve Staples

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