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New UN report: Afghan civilian deaths on the rise

According to a new UN report, the number of civilian casualties for the first six months of 2010 was 1,271 deaths, up from 1,013 deaths in the first six months of 2009.  (A recent Afghan human rights agency report put the total number of civilians killed between January and July at 1,325). The percentage of […]

New strategy ideas in U.S. peace movement

Peace activists from around the United States gathered in Albany, NY in July to discuss a new comprehensive strategy for peace activism in the U.S. “The plan includes a new focus and some promising proposals for building a coalition that includes the labor movement, civil rights groups, students, and other sectors of the activist world […]

August 6 is Hiroshima Day

Sixty-five years ago, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The blast killed 80,000 people immediately, and injured 70,000 more. Tens of thousands of others died in the years that followed from the effects of radiation. Three days later, a second nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing an […]

Countdown to Zero – the Movie

Countdown to Zero reveals the truth behind an issue on which human survival itself hangs – the very real possibility of nuclear disaster. From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth, Countdown is a chilling wake up call about the urgency of the nuclear threat.

Global cluster bomb ban takes effect August 1st

A global treaty that bans the use of cluster bombs, a weapon containing multiple – often hundreds – of small explosive submunitions or bomblets, will take effect today, August 1st, when the treaty, signed by 107 countries, becomes legally binding. Steve Goose, who is the co-chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition, comments that, “Nations that […]