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The militarization of Canadian culture

By MURRAY DOBBIN It is stunning how quickly the Canadian military can be recast as a key part of Canadian culture, especially now that we have abandoned our historic peacekeeping role. With no public debate, we now have a war-fighting military taking up more and more political space in Canada’s constellation of defining institutions. The […]

Take Action – write Prime Minister Harper

As you may have heard, six more Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. If you visit, you can send your letter to Prime Minister Harper telling him you do not support this military role for Canada, and that you urge the government to pursue a diplomatic solution to end the war as quickly as […]

Wasted Lives

In a previous post I predicted that the Vimy Ridge rededication this week would be used by the Harper government as part of its attempt to shore up flagging support for Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan. Tragically, on the eve of that ceremony, six more Canadian soldiers have been killed, reportedly by one of the “improvised explosive devices” used so effectively by the insurgents […]