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Asia's new 'great game' is all about pipelines

I wanted to share with you this op-ed by former PetroCanada lead economist John Foster, published in today’s Toronto Star. I was very pleased to contribute the introduction to his recent report “A Pipeline Through A Troubled Land: Afghanistan, Canada, and the New Great Energy Game,” published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. (more…)

Conference of Defence Associations president's remarks an "ignorant and vitriolic attack," says David Akin

David Akin, Canwest/Global’s National Affairs Correspondent, responded on Friday to the Conference of Defence Association’s attacks against the media for not sufficiently explaining (i.e. selling) the Afghan war to the public. Akin called CDA Institute president John Scott Cowan’s recent speech, “one of the most ignorant and vitriolic attacks on my profession.” (more…)

Defence lobby (still) at odds with Canadian public

This letter was published in the Ottawa Citizen on August 11, 2008. Senator Kenny’s report calling for massive increases to military spending is further evidence that committees and groups and that comprise the defence lobby are increasingly at odds with the Canadian public. A government survey this year confirmed that Canadians want the budget to […]

CDA says media give new depth to word ‘shallow'

THE HILL TIMES, MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2008 13 CDA says media give new depth to word ‘shallow’ By STEVEN STAPLES CDA’s John Scott Cowan recently criticized the ‘narcissism of a portion of the media’ but Steven Staples says it’s a trend in the discourse of defence lobby groups to blame the media if public opinion […]