International Movement to Ban Cluster Bombs

U.S. B1-B Lancer drops cluster bombs

U.S. B1-B Lancer drops cluster bombs

Since the late 1990’s various human rights groups have fought to ban cluster bombs. In 2003 the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) was founded to end the harm caused by cluster munitions. Cluster munitions stand out as the weapon that posses the greatest danger to civilians in conflict since the use of landmines, which were banned in 1997.

What makes cluster bombs so dangerous? They are large weapons which are deployed from the air and from the ground and release hundreds of smaller sub-munitions. They cannot distinguish between civilian and military. Many sub-munitions fail to detonate on impact and become de facto personnel mines killing and injuring civilians long after the conflict has ended. The goal of the CMC is to secure a global ban on cluster bombs and ensure that 30 countries ratify the convention.

A chronolgy of events has been compiled by the CMC outlining how the campaign has grown and developed over the years. To learn more about the movement click here.

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