Muriel Duckworth passes away at 100

Muriel Duckworth, peace activist

Muriel Duckworth, peace activist

We are all saddened to learn of the passing this past Saturday of peace activist Muriel Duckworth. Muriel will be remembered as a tireless advocate for peace and social justice, and an inspiration for social activists. Throughout her life Muriel was involved with numerous organizations in promotion of peace, educational development and social reform.

She was a founding member of both the provincial branch for Voice of Women and The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, and she established the anti-poverty Canadian Council for International Co-operation. Muriel was also one of the first women in Nova Scotia to run for provincial office, and later became involved with the Raging Grannies a group of social justice activists.

Her non-violent protest of war, fuelled by her strong belief that “war is stupid,” began during the Second World War and continued all the way up the second U.S. war in Iraq. A close friend commenting on Muriel’s many achievements said that “the greatest hope of her life was to see movement towards the creation of peace on earth.” Muriel Duckworth, who supported’s work, will be remembered and missed.

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