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Army shelves Close Combat Vehicle purchase

The Ottawa Citizen reports (David Pugliese, Combat vehicles for army on hold, document shows, Ottawa Citizen, 21 January 2010) that the purchase of a new fleet of Close Combat Vehicles (CCVs) for the army has been postponed by the Harper government. Although the CCV purchase had been promised as a top priority by Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Public Works […]

Controversial CANSEC arms show opens at Lansdowne Park

The controversial international CANSEC arms show hosted by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Studies (CADSI) is being held at Lansdowne Park in the city of Ottawa May 27-28. The shows opening Wednesday morning was met by protests and demostrations from numerous peace and religious groups, including 75 community groups that form the Coalition […]

Taking a Stand Against CANSEC

In a recent column in the Ottawa Citizen, Janice Kennedy calls on the City of Ottawa to take a principled stand and honour the commitment it made twenty years ago to prohibit defence industry trade shows on municipal property. Despite continued opposition from community groups and peace activists, the City is going ahead with the […]

CANSEC arms show coming to Ottawa

The controversial CANSEC arms show is coming to Ottawa. This year it will be held at Lansdowne Park, a facility owned by the City of Ottawa.  Peace groups in Ottawa are opposing the show and its location in a public facility owned by the city.