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Hard power, fuzzy logic

Prime Minister Stephen Harper used the occasion of a visit to Canada’s aid efforts in Haiti on Tuesday to praise the virtues of his government’s spending on “hard power” items like the C-17 transport aircraft: “This fleet of new aircraft, the C-17 fleet, is a big part of making this response possible. I single out […]

Military budget facing more “adjustments”

David Pugliese reports (Canadian military seeking another $233 million in savings, Vancouver Sun, 19 January 2010) that the Department of National Defence is facing another $233 million in budget “adjustments” by the end of March.  However, like the $190 million in “adjustments” reported earlier, the money DND plans to save will not be removed from […]

Bill Robinson joins us as Ceasefire.ca editor

Ceasefire.ca is very happy to welcome Bill Robinson to our team. Bill has been writing about Canadian defence and security policy issues since 1983. He was on the staff of Project Ploughshares, and has done research and writing for Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the Polaris Institute, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and the Rideau […]

Federal environment spending dwarfed by rising defence budget

A new report shows that Canada’s rising National Defence spending is $21.185 billion in 2009-2010, making Canada’s rank 13th highest in the world, and 6th highest among NATO’s 28 members, dollar for dollar. Defence analyst and author Bill Robinson says the rise in defence spending is an indication of the government’s priorities. “Government spending on […]