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Syria: The next war?


What started as a series of peaceful protests inspired by the “Arab Spring” democracy movement has gradually become a violent civil war between the brutal secular regime of Bashar al-Assad and a fragmented and increasingly radicalized opposition. And Canada could get involved.

New foreign policy website launched

Collaboration among civil society actors has been a key ingredient in numerous foreign policy achievements in Canada, including the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines and the coalition against missile defence. A new online community has recently been launched in Canada to connect individuals and civil society organizations interested in international affairs and foreign policy. verkko.ca is […]

Party platforms on peace issues

With the notable and limited exception of the proposed F-35 purchase, the issues of war and peace have been almost entirely absent from the current federal election campaign, even though the country is now involved in two on-going wars. The major parties have all published election platform documents, however, and these policy statements do occasionally […]

Liberals release election platform

The Liberal Party released its latest “Red Book”, its election platform document, on April 3rd (Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, 2011). The foreign and security policy elements of the document for the most part reaffirm the positions the Liberals took in the international policy document they released last June, Canada […]