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No seat at the table for Harper foreign policy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper came into office vowing to “bring Canada back as a credible player on the world stage“.  Today in New York, however, Canada’s chance to play a role at the UN Security Council came to an abrupt end when UN members considered the record of his government and voted to give the […]

Fowler scorches Canadian foreign policy

Former Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler launched a blistering attack on the foreign policy of recent Canadian governments during a speech to the Liberal Party’s “thinkers’ conference” on Sunday (video of speech here). Fowler, now retired, was a senior member of the Canadian foreign policy establishment for decades, serving in a wide variety of posts, including […]

Canada Fighting for a Seat at the Table

Canadians may have escaped from a national election this summer, but yet another crucial election still looms over the heads of the government. In October 2010, Canada must compete against Germany and Portugal for one of the two Western European seats in the Security Council of the UN. With speculation flying over whether Canada will […]