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Will Canada Join the Drone War in Pakistan?

Speculation as to what Canada’s role in Afghanistan will be beyond 2001 has been stirred up amid recent reports that Obama Democrats are quietly lobbying the Tory government to keep troops in Kandahar province after 2011. Steven Staples says that Although the role of Canadian ground troops in Afghanistan may diminish, the Canadian Air Force […]

The government's response to Ceasefire.ca's CF-18 campaign

Below is the government’s response, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Ceasefire.ca’s campaign to stop the deployment of Canadian CF-18 bombers to Afghanistan. The government has yet to state that Canada will NOT deploy CF-18s to Afghanistan and CF-18s are only mentioned at the end of this form letter response: The Office of the Right […]

Canada must not deploy CF-18s to Afghanistan

Air strikes are the leading cause of civilian deaths from NATO military operations. The issue of civilian deaths dominated a summit between President Obama and President Karzai in Washington this week as news that as many as 100 civilians, including women and children, were killed in U.S. air strikes Monday night. This is potentially the single deadliest U.S. airstrike […]

General uses media to lobby for CF-18 fighter-bombers

Serving military personnel are not supposed to be advocating for government policies, but now it seems that generals are using the media to put pressure on political leaders once again. Is this part of General Hillier’s legacy? The military has launched its own lobby campaign to convince the Canadian government to increase our combat role in […]