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Pentagon requests record $708 billion budget

The Obama administration on Monday requested Congressional approval for a record $708 billion in military spending for fiscal year 2011. Defense Secretary Robert Gates stressed the need for the Pentagon to prepare for a broader range of approaching security challenges while continuing to fund two ongoing wars and also expanding operations in Yemen and Somalia, where […]

Obama Opposes Additional Funding for F-22s

President Obama made the rare move of threatening to veto one of his own bills after senators made a last minute addition to his defence spending bill to include $1.75 billion to buy seven more F-22 Raptor Fighters. The F-22 Raptor is one of the most advanced stealth fighters in the American arsenal, and is […]

An Additional Billion for Afghanistan

Federal budget documents reveal over $1.1 billion of new funding is needed by the Canadian Armed Forces, in order to fulfill conditions placed on the Afghan mission extension. With Parliament’s extension of the current mission contingent on the implementation of recommendations from the 2008 Manley commission report, an extra $822 million will be needed for […]

Military Spending Unaffected by Recession

Despite the dismal economic climate and an impending $50 billion deficit, the Canadian government is intent on increasing current levels of defence spending. Speaking to an audience of industry and military representatives at a security and defence trade show, Defence Minister Peter MacKay assured attendees “the funding will be there…it’s locked in.” Much of the […]