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Prof. Walter Dorn on CPAC

In February, Ceasefire.ca launched its campaign to make Canada a UN peacekeeper again. To kick off the campaign, we co-hosted Prof. Walter Dorn in conversation with the Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway in Ottawa.  CPAC – PUBLIC RECORD On February 11th, in Ottawa, Walter Dorn (Canadian Forces College) and The Globe and Mail’s Gloria Galloway […]

NATO to seek negotiated end to Afghan war?

The NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan “is considering a plan to end the war by entering power-sharing negotiations with Taliban leaders and former fighters,” the Globe and Mail reports (Doug Saunders, NATO weighs Taliban truce in plans for Afghan peace, 25 January 2010). The paper says that “the scenario of a negotiated peace and a joint […]

Dinosaur Jack Granatstein gets it wrong again

What does military historian Jack Granatstein add to the public debate in Canada? Does it ever amount to much more than grumpy rants infused with personal attacks and innuendo? Since January 2008, the National Post has carried six op-eds from Mr. Granatstein. Not to be outdone, The Globe and Mail has carried 14 over the […]

Oh – bring on the silly season!

July is here, and so all kinds of funny things appear in the news these days. Here’s an interesting bit of analysis from the Conference of Defence Associations in today’s Globe and Mail: Retired colonel Alain Pellerin of the Conference of Defence Associations said it’s tough to persuade poppy farmers in Kandahar – Taliban territory […]