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New Afghan mission high risk, low chance of success

The government’s plan to extend the Canadian Forces mission in Afghanistan deserves a public debate, argues a new report published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Rideau Institute. “Training Can Be Dangerous: A Realistic Assessment of the Proposed Canadian Mission to Train Afghan National Security Forces,” written by Michael Byers and Stewart […]

Hawks versus doves

Last weekend’s National Post published a letter from Senator Pamela D. Wallin questioning the independence and expertise of three critics of the Department of National Defence’s purchase of F-35 fighter jets on the basis that all of them have ties to the Rideau Institute. Dismissing the Rideau Institute as an organization that “routinely criticizes Canada’s military spending”, […]

Byers: Time to resolve Arctic disputes

Earlier this week, Russia and Norway resolved a 40-year dispute over their boundary in the Barents Sea. Canada should follow this positive Russian-Norwegian precedent, says UBC professor Michael Byers, stop its military posturing, and work to resolve the remaining disputes over Canada’s Arctic boundaries (Michael Byers, “It’s time to resolve our Arctic differences,” Globe and […]