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NORAD role to expand?

Last week’s perimeter security talks between Prime Minister Harper and President Obama included an interesting proposal of expanding NORAD to cover land and sea operations. The proposed new deal would integrate Canada-U.S. command structures, headquarters, and operations with regards to continental security. (John Ivison, “NORAD could be expanded to land and sea,” The National Post, […]

Russian bomber flights rare: NORAD

NORAD statistics obtained by the Ottawa Citizen show that Russian bomber flights near Canadian airspace–which the Harper government has been hyping in its efforts to sell Canadians on the controversial plan to buy F-35 fighters–have occurred only three to five times a year since 2007 (David Pugliese, “NORAD logs few Russian flights,” Ottawa Citizen, 4 […]

Staples on Canada and NATO

Rideau Institute president Steven Staples discusses the future of NATO, interview published in the Globe and Mail, Monday, March 22, 2010, p. A4 (no online version): Leaving Afghanistan is the right move for Canada, says the president of the Rideau Institute, as he envisions what NATO’s future should be On Thursday in Ottawa, two of […]