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End of the Arms Trade Treaty (for now)


Negotiations towards a global Arms Trade Treaty ended without an agreement last month when the Obama administration, under pressure from the pro-gun National Rifle Association and facing a presidential election in November, effectively killed a deal by demanding more time on the last day of negotiations.

Canada potential spoiler in firearms treaty

As Ceasefire reported a few months ago, the Harper government’s firearms ideology may be standing in the way of progress on an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT is a proposed multilateral treaty aimed at controlling the international trade in conventional firearms. The treaty is currently being planned in a series of preparatory committees, […]

Canada makes the wrong move at Conference on Disarmament

Cesar Jaramillo, program officer at Project Ploughshares, argues against the recent decision to boycott the UN Conference on Disarmament (Cesar Jaramillo, “Canada’s disarmament conference boycott is ill-advised,” Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 14 July 2011): Canada’s newly elected Conservative majority government seems to be wasting no time in taking a tough stance on foreign policy, but Canada’s decision […]

Experts urge Canadian leadership on nuclear ban

From a meeting in Ottawa last month (“Experts urge Canadian leadership to ban nuclear weapons,” 18 April 2011): The Canadian government should join a new international effort to construct a global legal ban on all nuclear weapons, concluded disarmament experts meeting in Ottawa. “Canada should host a meeting of governments and civil society experts to […]

Ernie Regehr awarded Pearson Peace Medal

Congratulations to Project Ploughshares’ co-founder Ernie Regehr on being awarded the Pearson Peace Medal! The medal is awarded by the United Nations Association in Canada to a Canadian who has personally contributed, through his or her working life and voluntary commitments, to causes to which Lester B. Pearson devoted his career: aid to the developing […]