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UN adopts Arms Trade Treaty


On April 2nd, the UN General Assembly voted to approve a draft treaty to control the global arms trade. The proposed treaty leaves it largely up to the arms exporters themselves to determine the appropriateness of their exports. But groups working to control the arms trade are hopeful that by establishing guidelines and increasing the […]

Talks collapse in Bahrain

Bahrain, a Persian Gulf nation that has been the site of pro-democracy protests over recent months, is entering a new, uncertain phase after the collapse of talks between the main Shiite opposition party and the ruling Sunni elite (Associated Press, “Shiite Party in Bahrain Leaves Talks With Rulers,” New York Times, 17 July 2011). Al […]

Principled PM to sell more LAVs to dictators?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper treated Canadians to a self-righteous description of his government’s “principled” foreign policy stance at the recent Conservative Party convention (Steven Chase, “Canadian foreign policy needs to be more independent: Harper,” Globe and Mail, 10 June 2011; see also Elizabeth Thompson, “‘We still have more to do …’: Harper vows to woo […]

Stop arms shipments to Saudi Arabia: Rideau Institute

The Rideau Institute is calling on the Canadian government to prevent further shipments to Saudi Arabia of military vehicles made in Canada, and to institute an embargo on the export of all military goods to the region during the current political turmoil. On March 14, troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates entered […]