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Canadians "may underestimate security threat"

The Harper government is worried about Canadian opposition to its plans to more closely integrate Canadian and U.S. border security efforts (Steven Chase, “Ottawa crafts plan to ward off criticism over U.S. border deal,” Globe and Mail, 10 December 2010). As the Globe and Mail reports, the Department of Public Safety’s communications strategy for the […]

Ex-Pakistani spy chief says Afghanistan war cannot be won

A former head of Pakistani intelligence, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, has stated that the conflict in Afghanistan cannot be won. Gul, whose agency worked closely with the Taliban prior to the U.S. invasion and continues to maintain ties with the organization, argued in an interview with CNN that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is “unjust” […]

Jargon watch: Weapons of mass destruction

When most people talk about “weapons of mass destruction“, they’re thinking of nuclear weapons, or maybe chemical and biological weapons—not exploding underpants. But as this Tom Tomorrow cartoon suggests, accused “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction for attempting to destroy Northwest Airlines flight 253 by detonating […]