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Rock-toting protestors were undercover cops?

We always suspected it was happening, and now we may have proof: behind the face-covering bandanas of those rock-throwing demonstrators are members of the police! In this video taken this week at demonstrations in Montebello, Quebec, during the visit of Bush and Mexican president Calderon, one of the protest organizers realizes that three guys carrying […]

SPP is built around secrecy and US military command

SPP is built around secrecy and US military command By Michael Byers OTTAWA, August 20, 2007: The agreement’s title is classic framing: “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) conjures up comfortable images. Michael Byers says the agreement under discussion this week by Canadian, US and Mexican leaders Harper, Bush and Calderon should more properly be framed […]

Harper Clings to ‘Titanic' Policy on Afghanistan with Cabinet Shuffle

Gordon O’Connor’s failure to convince Canadians to support the flagging war in Afghanistan, and his repeated missteps such as on the potential torture of Afghan detainees, meant that he had to be replaced. But will Peter MacKay and Maxime Bernier save the sinking Conservatives on the unpopular war in Afghanistan? In MacKay’s appointment, Stephen Harper […]